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Software Engineer in Test

Vaga Postada: 30 de Abril de 2021

  • Empresa: Acronis
  • Faixa salarial: BRL$ - BRL$
  • Estado: Indeterminado
  • Local da vaga: Tempe, AZ, USA
  • Nível: Indeterminado
  • Aceita Remoto?: Não
  • Tipo de contratação: A combinar

Descrição da vaga

  • Telecommuting is OK

  • No Agencies Please


Skills and Technologies

For this position, we are looking for somebody who has applied experience with these technologies:

  • Python: Advanced skills and demonstrated experience using Python, preferably recent Python 3.

  • Python Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Frameworks: We use Behave, but experience with BDD in any Python framework is acceptable.

  • Python Web Frameworks/Apps: Either Django or Flask is preferred, the job entails producing tools which need reasonable interfaces.

  • REST APIs: Extensive experience working with REST APIs from a test or development perspective.

Additional technologies which we use:

  • API Schema: RAML, Swagger/OpenAPI, GraphQL

  • WebSockets/gRPC

  • PostgreSQL, also MSSQL/MySQL/SQLITE for some uses

  • Golang

Team Character

In addition to technical skill, we have certain working characteristics that we value:

  • Teamwork: we prefer to work in small teams and leverage the effectiveness of multiple minds on a problem.

  • Independence: we prefer to give the engineer responsibility and empower their (responsible) decision-making.

  • Willingness to learn: we are constantly engaging new problems and technology, and success for us requires a willingness to seek out solutions to new challenges.

  • Collaboration: We work with other teams inside and alongside Acronis, and as a platform team, they are our critical customers. Their customer satisfaction is critical to our success.

Every member of our “A-Team” has an instrumental role and impact on the success of Acronis’ business, so we are looking for a highly-motivated individual who thrives in a fast-paced and high-volume, work environment. The ideal candidate for this position will not only possess the skills and experience required but will also possess a positive attitude and ability to solve complex problems and work in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment. And just like every position at Acronis, the ideal candidate will embody all of our company values: responsive, alert, detail-oriented, makes decisions, and never gives up.

Growth Opportunities

  • Requirement refinement and technical design: Working with architect and product planning teams to clarify and refine requirements, participate or lead technical design and architecture of new products and features.

  • Technical leadership: ownership of a domain of expertise or service capability and the opportunity to drive its design and improvement.

  • People leadership: Taking on the unique challenge of leading people to project success for the delivery of software.

About the Company

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