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Python Backend Developer

Vaga Postada: 6 de Janeiro de 2021

  • Empresa: DevGrid
  • Faixa salarial: BRL$ - BRL$
  • Estado: Indeterminado
  • Local da vaga: Caxias do Sul - Rio Grande do Sul
  • Nível: Indeterminado
  • Aceita Remoto?: Não
  • Tipo de contratação: PJ

Descrição da vaga

Summary of Responsibilities:

Design, develop and implement proof of concept and production-ready middleware and back-end services either stand-alone or to be consumed by other applications/layers.
Debugging and troubleshooting.
Create extensible, modular middleware/back-end services to be used by other layers.
Research and development in a variety of problem domains.
Prepare documentation and ensure proper security and compliance with our coding standards.


Required Experience:

Extensive knowledge of multi-paradigm programming (OO, functional, procedural)
Python, Django, Tornado, Flask, SQL and Python ORMs, RESTful services, pub/sub, Amazon AWS, Linux/Unix, TDD, Virtualenv.
Experience and knowledge of distributed systems, SOA and microservices architectures.
Have designed and implemented scalable, distributed application systems.
Problem solving, complexity analysis and algorithm design.
Fluent English is a MUST.

Preferred Experience:

Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Software Engineering or related, or 7 years equivalent work experience.
Knowledge of Functional Programming a plus.
CouchBase or other NoSQL experience a plus.
MQTT, Rabbit MQ or Redis.
Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment a plus.
Stability and Capacity patterns a big plus.
Have worked with international and remote teams.

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