Middle Python Backend Developer (Russian speaking)

Vaga Postada: 29 de Julho de 2021

  • Empresa: Tencoins Ltd.
  • Faixa salarial: BRL$ - BRL$
  • Estado: Indeterminado
  • Local da vaga: Remote, Remote
  • Nível: Indeterminado
  • Aceita Remoto?: Sim
  • Tipo de contratação: A combinar

Descrição da vaga

A Senior/Middle Python Backend Developer is needed for a financial project!
We are growing and expanding our team.

Work format: #remote

Employment: #fulltimejob

🔸 What we offer:

🔹 What we expect:

🔹 Important experience:

🔹 We work with:

  • No telecommuting

  • No Agencies Please


🔹 What we expect:

  • Ability to start a project from scratch: writing a framework, tests, understanding deployment processes, working with environment variables, writing documentation, etc.

  • The ability to work with numbers, amounts, experience in the development of a billing / online store or financial product

  • Good understanding of asynchronous development

  • Experience with queues (RabbitMQ)

  • The ability to ask the right questions to get the right answers. Proactive: if there is a problem, report it right away

  • Experience with remote work, or at least an understanding of the ethics of remote work, periodic face-to-face meetings with the team

  • Ability to work independently

  • Sociability

  • 3+ years of development experience

  • Understanding the basic concepts of developing web projects like REST

  • Ability to plan your time and evaluate a tasks

  • Rus, eng languages

🔹 Important experience:

  • Experience in REST API development

  • Experience with external REST APIs: throttling, error handling

  • Experience with Cron

  • Experience with docker (the ability to independently prepare your working environment)

  • Blockchain experience: Ethereum, Bitcoin

  • Experience with Kubernetes

  • Experience with cloud provider services: AWS, GCP, DigitalOcean

  • Experience with raw SQL

About the Company

🔹 We work with:

  • TypeScript

  • Gitlab, Gitlab CI / CD

  • Docker

  • Node.js (nest.js, Postgres, redis, rabbitmq)

  • testing: jest, code review;

  • code quality: required prettier, eslint

  • Jira, confluence

  • Slack, zoom

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