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Fullstack react/node.js developer

Vaga Postada: 11 de Junho de 2021

  • Empresa: Proxet
  • Faixa salarial: USD$21000.01 - USD$+
  • Estado: Indeterminado
  • Local da vaga: Remote
  • Nível: Sênior
  • Aceita Remoto?: Sim
  • Tipo de contratação: PJ

Descrição da vaga

The company partners with smart-home integrators in the custom install (CI) channel to drive business growth by unleashing the revenue potential of their service departments. The company provides all that’s required to build a sophisticated and profitable service operation that enables our partners to compete at the scale of a huge enterprise, without losing their local and hard-earned brand identity. We developed the necessary technology, architected the service process, and built a team of professionals to complement integrators’ project-based business with all that’s required to build and manage a robust service operation: client support, marketing and selling service, training the team on new systems and procedures, recruiting new talent, managing the operations around the lifecycle of a service client, and taking responsibility for the P&L for all things service-related.

Supporting over 20,000 clients, The company platform has created new recurring revenue streams, doubled labor margin, and generated over $30M in service revenue with a 65% gross margin for our Partners, all while enabling them to achieve 4.8-star satisfaction and 85% referral ratings from their clients.



React.js, Redux, TypeScript, JavaScript, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, AWS, SAM, Lambda, RDS, DynamoDB.


3+ years of experience in the full software development life-cycle and knowledge of both Node JS, Typescript, and React;
Experience with SQL Databases (PostgreSQL, MS SQL);
Experience with AWS Cloud technologies (SAM, Lambda, RDS, API Gateway, SNS, DynamoDB, Cognito, S3, Cloudfront);
Experience in implementation of REST API (for serverless architecture in particular);
Experience in writing Tests (the whole test pyramid: unit/integration/end-to-end);
Good English speaking/writing skills.

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