Software Engineer (Data Products)

Vaga Postada: 1 de Maio de 2019

Python SQL
  • Empresa: Liv Up
  • Faixa salarial: R$ 6.000,01 a R$ 10.000,00
  • Estado: São Paulo
  • Local da vaga: Pinheiros - São Paulo
  • Nível: Pleno
  • Aceita Remoto?: Não
  • Tipo de contratação: A combinar

Descrição da vaga

What will you do as a Software Engineer at Liv Up?
Develop new data products empowered by machine learning and constraint optimization models
Design a scalable and robust system architecture
Build our team with us, discussing technologies, tools, processes and organization


This might be your role if
- You can build nice applications in Python.
- You can easily learn new technologies and understand their tradeoffs. You believe that technology is a medium for something bigger, not an ideology.
- You keep things simple and agile.
- You care about the end user. You're not building things for the technology challenge or cool stuff, you're creating a business.
- You collaborate with your team. You respect their point of views but expose your arguments and create a better solution together.
It would be awesome if
- You are familiar with data technologies (relational and non-relational databases, airflow, redis, elasticsearch, bigquery, spark, pandas, SQL)
- You have experience in a high-growth environment